.FT Cosplays.

Place the mouse over each image to see the name of the character and the series.
Clic on the images to see the photos and special details. These are not all of our costumes,
so wait for the next update to see more!

Jill [ Resident Evil: Apocalypse ] Juliet [ Romeo x Juliet ] Aya [ Tenjou Tenge]
Natalia [Tales of the Abyss] Marcia [ Fire Emblem 9 ] Elizabeth Swann [POTC3: At Worlds end] Garnet [ Final Fantasy IX ] Garnet [ Final Fantasy IX ] Rukia [Bleach] Inoue [ Bleach ] Inoue [ Bleach ] Rukia [Bleach]
Colette [ Tales of Symphonia ] Raine [ Tales of Symphonia ] Anthy [ Utena Revolutionary Girl] Lenne [ Final Fantasy X-2 ] Padme Amidala [SW ep.II] Lacus Clyne [Gundam Seed Destiny] Sakura [ Naruto ] Yachiru [ Bleach ]


.Featured Cosplay.

Rogue [X-Men]

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