Anthy Himemiya
[Utena Revolutionary girl]

Revolutionary Girl Utena is a highly recommended anime by me! I never thought I would cosplay Anthy, who is not like my favorite character, first than other characters like Wakaba, Utena, or Nanami, but this outfit was completely a challenge. Stylishing the wig was SO funny!


Cosplayer: Frida.
Worn at: CJCM # 30.
Photography credits: Eduardo, Wawa, Cosplaylab and Risingsun.

CJCM #30

Thanks Maboroshi! Thanks Maboroshi! Thanks Maboroshi! Thanks Maboroshi! En el piso con mi rosa. Adoro como se ve aquí mi peluca! 'Solo tengo que resignarme' eso dice el pedazo de la canción n.n thanks Misawawa!
Thanks! En la fuente toda bonita Yo con mis floresita n.n Me encanta esta foto! El viento se ve especial


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