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name Frida
age 17
hair color dark reddish
current location Nuevo León, México.
occupation Specialist on Sprint's Customer Service, and highschool student.

fav colors Green, pink, white and black.
fav music genre Hardcore punk
fav books The secret, Dracula, Frankenstein, Hamlet, Metamorphosis, Romeo and Juliet, 20000 Leagues Under the Sea, Alice in Wonderland, Robin Hood, Lord of the Rings, etc.
fav characters Orihime, Colette, Garnet, Aeris and Hina Ichigo.
Fav videogames Final Fantasy IX, Tales of Symphonia, Fire Emblem: PoR, Legend of Zelda: TP, Ragnarok Online, Flyff, etc.
fav animes Revolutionary Girl Utena, Claymore, Rozen Maiden, The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Dragon Ball Z2.

She is a girl.
she was called Frida.
she turned 17 years old on April 12, 07.
she lives on Monterrey, Mexico.
Prepa Tec Eugenio Garza Laguera is the highschool she is attending.
Keira Knigthley is her idol.
she loves white and pink flowers.
she is all the time hearing music.
her favorites groups are Taking Back Sunday and The Blood Brothers.
writting is her passion.
she finds in photography the best inspiration.
she sings and draws well.
she loooves her hair.
she always enjoy meeting new and interesting people.
Thinking is the most important verb of her life.

She, and her sister, will win the World Cosplay Summit 2008!

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